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You can get your prescriptions delivered to your home and support your local pharmacy!

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We provide same-day, secure prescription delivery from our network of pharmacies. Transfer your prescriptions to our community network, and you can get fast low cost same-day delivery.

You will also be able to chat with the pharmacist directly and monitor your prescriptions on our app.
Arrange your next prescription delivery here!

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If your pharmacy is not in our network yet, don’t worry - we can still get your prescriptions delivered from the pharmacy of your choice. Just pay for the $9.99 delivery fee*

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*Base charge of $9.99 for the first 10 miles from your pharmacy to your delivery address. You will be charged $1 per additional mileage over 10 miles
Covid-19 Rapid Test

Are you in LA and in need of a COVID-19 rapid test?

Stay safe and order it online with us and get it delivered same-day from our community pharmacies in LA.
We are currently offering free delivery for your first order! Use code LAFREESHIP. Get it while stocks last.

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This is really important as the pharmacist will ask for this information when our driver goes to pick it up.

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We will inform you via text messaging every steps of the way to make sure your medications are delivered on time.

Are you a pharmacy? Why are you selling COVID-19 tests?


No. We are a SaaS platform assisting community pharmacies with their logistics workflow and prescription delivery. We are working with local pharmacies in our Greater LA network area who are authorized to sell their products including COVID- at-home test and assisting with delivery. Delivery direct to the consumer will assist with reducing community spread of COVID-19 whilst supporting local pharmacies. This will also greatly help an already strained pharmacy and medical system by reducing exposure to potential COVID+ patients running around their communities looking for test kits to purchase.

 How is RxDeliveredNow different from GoodRx, Nowrx, and Capsule? 


We are a SaaS platform assisting community pharmacies with their workflow and prescription delivery. We are pioneering for small businesses and helping them to compete with big box pharmacies. GoodRx provides discount cards for medications and is not involved in pharmacy logistics or pharmacy patient care delivery. Nowrx and Capsule are pharmacies themselves, and focus only on their own delivery and aren’t built to improve the entire pharmacy experience for community care providers and patients alike

Most pharmacies are already delivering. What are you doing differently?


Rx Delivered Now is taking medication delivery to a new standard of service with the transparency, reliability, speed of service, and ease of adoption that other delivery services can’t offer. We are also a logistics management tool aimed at empowering small businesses.

With our focus on working with local pharmacies to streamline their workflow and provide a better healthcare experience for all, Rx Delivered Now is so much more than just a delivery service. We seek to holistically improve the pharmaceutical management system for providers and patients alike.

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Are you a pharmacy? Why are you selling COVID-19 tests?
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