Our Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit home in March 2020, our co-founders Michael Nguyen and Dr. Anthony Do, PharmD were bound at home due to shelter-in-place (SIP) order. Michael's wife, a pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente often tells him how hard it is for her patients to get their medications due to SIP. This got Michael thinking, "how is it that our food and Amazon deliveries are so seamless, and yet, our life saving medications are so difficult to get?".

Michael called up Anthony, a licensed pharmacist turned software engineer to discuss this medication access problem, and how they can help solve this problem using modern technologies.

Since the inception of Rx Delivered Now, our team have learned that medication delivery is just a small portion of the whole medication access problem. The bigger problem we discovered was that pharmacy software are antiquated and operate in silo, leaving patients, providers and even other pharmacies in the dark. Our team is focused on building a new pharmacy technology ecosystem to bring transparency to all healthcare parties involved (patients, doctors, pharmacies, insurers and regulators) while still delivering the last mile of care for our patients and pharmacy partners.

Get To Know The Team

Anthony headshot

Dr. Anthony Do, PharmD


Former pharmacist, self-taught software engineer, neopolitan style pizza lover and UC Berkeley grad. Operating at the crossroads of healthcare and computer science to craft a better patient care experience.

Michael headshot

Michael Nguyen


Former product manager experienced in on-demand work force and Ironman triathlete. Passionate about creating products that improve patient's quality of life.

Corey headshot

Corey Grissom

Director of Sales

Former sales and business development lead at Postmates and On-Demand Junkie. Currently helping pharmacies find more cost effective ways to get medications to their patients.

John headshot

John Pope

Director of pharmacy operations

An Operations specialist with a history in SaaS as well as on-demand food and staffing. Currently on a mission to help others and to make the patient care experience smoother, more transparent, and fulfilling for pharmacies and patients alike.

Mica headshot

Michaela Pama

Head of courier operations

Army veteran still jumping out of planes and USC MBA grad. An expert in sourcing workers for on-demand jobs now working to help patients get their medications quicker.

Our Advisors

Dr. Ken Thai, PharmD

Dr. Ken Thai, PharmD

986 pharmacy group, ceo

CEO @ 986 Pharmacy Group
Former President @ CA Pharmacist Assoc.
Assistant professor @ USC/Western University

Dr. Jon Chan, PharmD

Dr. Jon Chan, PharmD

abc pharmacy group, ceo

Pharmacy owner and seasoned executive in independent retail pharmacy.

Dr. Sumit Dua, MD/MBA

Dr. Sumit Dua, MD/MBA

Physician serial entrepreneur

Radiologist @ UCLA Medical Center
Assistant Professor @ UCLA Medical Center
Serial entrepreneur in the medical, technology and real estate industries.

AJ Brustein

AJ Brustein

Wonolo, CO-founder

Co-founder @ Wonolo, a mobile, on-demand workforce platform where he led a team of innovators helping to empower the modern hourly workforce.

Amy Chang, Delta Nutrassentials CEO

Amy Chang

delta nutrassentials, CEO

CEO @ Delta Nutrassentials
Former VP of Strategy and Investor Relations @ AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AMN).

Shawn Ohri, Senior VP of Technology BuzzRx

Shawn Ohri

buzzRx, senior vp of technology

Seasoned healthcare executive in the Pharmacy Benefit Manager space.
Former @ MedImpact
Former @ ScriptSave WellRx