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In this day and age, how is it that our food and Amazon deliveries are so seamless and yet, our life-saving medications are so difficult to get?"

Founder of Rx Delivered Now Dr. Anthony Do PharmD, a licensed pharmacist turned software engineer, is helping independent pharmacies solve the medication access problem with proprietary SaaS software. Our platform provides pharmacies with the logistics and tech tools (including access to a network of HIPAA-compliant drivers) to compete with big-box pharmacies and provide better patient care.

Rx Delivered Now aims to modernize pharmacy by building an advanced pharmacy technology ecosystem to bring transparency to all healthcare parties involved - patients, doctors, pharmacies, insurers and regulators.

How we make a difference

Increase patient access

The issue:

Millions of Americans experience delays in medical treatment due to outdated pharmacy systems, contributing to the $600B in annual healthcare cost to the US healthcare system

How we solve it:

by efficiently delivering any essential medication to the underserved community thus reducing unnecessary trips and traffic to local pharmacies.

Modernizing pharmacies

What we address:

The dated and blocked workflow of pharmacists, such as prescriptions, logistics, and delivery

How we solve it:

By building the technology stack to help with pharmacy logistics and delivery, this information will also help pharmacists improve their patient care.

Supporting local businesses

The hurdle:

How to encourage consumers to support or continue to support their community independent pharmacies

How we solve it:

Providing seamless delivery and support to patients ordering from our in-network local pharmacies, allowing them to monitor their prescription delivery

Empowering pharmacies to compete

The issue:

Local community pharmacies competing with big-box retailers today in the e-commerce and on-demand delivery scope.

How we solve it:

Arming pharmacies with metrics, historical information, up-to-date drug information, and in turn help personalize care for patients and serve the communities they live in.

Meet our founders

Anthony Do

Former pharmacist, self-taught software engineer, neopolitan style pizza lover and UC Berkeley grad. Operating at the crossroads of healthcare and computer science to craft a better patient care experience.

Michael Nguyen

Former product manager experienced in on-demand work force and Ironman triathlete. Passionate about creating products that improve patient's quality of life.

Meet the team

Corey grissom
Head of Business Development
chris boyd
Head of Sales
John Pope
Head of Operations
Aileen Pham
Press and Marketing Manager
Charles Jeffs
Customer Success Expert and Operations
Jhen Eder-Romales
Customer Support Lead
Paolo La Rosa
Fleet Lead
Mel Silos
Fleet Support
Dan Enriquez
Pharmacy Support
Adine Le
Social Media & Contracts Manager
George Yui
Graphic Designer

Meet our strategic advisors

Dr. Ken Thai, PharmD
CEO @ 986 Pharmacy Group
Former President @ CA Pharmacist Assoc.
Assistant professor @ USC/Western University
Dr. Jon Chan, PharmD
Pharmacy owner & seasoned executive
in independant retail phamacy
Dr. Sumit Dua, MD/MBA
Radiologist @ UCLA Medical Center
Assistant Professor @ UCLA Medical Center
Serial entrepreneur in the medical,
technology and real estate industries.
AJ Brustein
Co-founder @ Wonolo, a mobile, on-demand workforce platform where he led a team of innovators helping to empower the modern hourly workforce.
Amy Chang
CEO @ Delta Nutrassentials
Former VP of Strategy and Investor Relations
@ AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AMN).
Shawn Ohri
Seasoned healthcare executive in the Pharmacy Benefit Manager space.
Former @ MedImpact
Former @ ScriptSave WellRx
Todd S. Eury
CEO @ Pharmacy Podcast Network,
Rx Influencer
VP & Executive producer @ Finn Partners Global
 Director of BD @ New Season
 VP @ Well Med Rx LLC
Greg Dalli
Co-founder @ The Chambers Project
Co-founder @ Clarus Designs
President @ PHi Consulting
Angel Investor @ Centauri Capital 
NFT Nerd, Lover of Psychedelic Art
Wilson Han Tsai
Jason Kyu Kim
Richard Tran
Maxwell Rich
Hitenkumar Patel
Shubhi Nagrani
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“I spend a lot of time watching and investing in the healthcare space, and I am really impressed with what I’ve seen from Dr. Anthony Do and Michael. They’ve launched and scaled with tremendous early success and as an early investor, I feel like I’ve struck gold.”

Wilson Tsai
Investor of Rx Delivered Now

Will you integrate with the other major pharmacy software platforms?


Yes! 10 companies own over 80% of the market share in the Pharmacy Management Software world. We plan to integrate with those players so when we have a new pharmacy onboard with us, we can optimize their workflow from pharmacy to delivery driver to patient immediately.

Can you share how you ensure the narcotics are delivered to the intended patient? Is signature necessary?


Signature and photo verifications are required. We’re also developing systems to ensure patients acknowledge they received the right medications.

Are you a pharmacy? Why are you selling COVID-19 tests?


No. We are working with local pharmacies in our Greater LA network area who are authorized to sell their products including COVID- at-home test and assisting with delivery. Delivery direct to the consumer will assist with reducing community spread of COVID-19 and with containing the pandemic. This will also greatly help an already strained pharmacy and medical system by reducing exposure to potential COVID+ patients running around their communities looking for test kits to purchase.

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