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helping patients easily get their prescriptions

Fill your prescription

Call or ask your pharmacy to have your prescription filled.

Ready for pick up

Call your pharmacy to pay for your prescription and let them know someone will collect it on your behalf.

Request a delivery

Follow the prompts to request a delivery.

Complete the delivery form

This is really important as the pharmacist will ask for this information when our driver goes to pick it up.

Pay for the delivery

We accept all major credit cards.  


We will inform you via text messaging every steps of the way to make sure your medications are delivered on time.

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Finally, there is a now a pharmacy software vendor that helps level the playing field for independent pharmacies to compete with the playing field for independent pharmacies to compete with the big-box chains like CVS and Walgreens.

CEO & Founder 986 Pharmacy
Former CA Pharmacist Association President

"I invested because as an actual customer of Rx Delivered Now, I've seen the difference in results. I am a firm believer in leveraging technologies to improve any pharmacy workflow and as Dr. Anthony Do is also pharmacist and software developer, he understands and addresses any bottlenecks so that my pharmacies can focus more on patient care"

Jonathan Chan
Pharmacist & Rx Delivered Now Advisor & Investor
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